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Bernhard Films, LLC


     As a company, Bernhard Films, LLC is committed to finding partners, investors, and collaborators who are looking for or interested in projects that tell compelling stories, delve into highly nuanced characters, and offer a unique point of view that will linger with an audience long after the show, series, video, or commercial is over, leaving viewers hungry for more. 

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Kent Bernhard

Director | Writer | Producer

     Kent Bernhard has been working as a writer, director, and producer in Kansas City since 2016.  Prior to that he worked for a few years in film production in Los Angeles, mostly as a production assistant, and produced one feature film in 2010 called “Cornhole: The Movie”. 

     In 2019 he received the prestigious “Rick Cowan Award” at the Kansas City FilmFest International, for his debut short film “Street Runners”, a concept he’s currently planning to make into a series.  “Let’s Start Over” is the first film he’s directed since. 

     "Let's Start Over" to date has won over 20 "First Place" awards across the globe.

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