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"Hard Time Kansas City"

Music Video | 2020, Bernhard Films

     Shot in the late spring of 2020, while Kansas City was in the middle of a lock down, as we were all dealing with the effects of the pandemic, "Hard Times Kansas City" was designed to illustrate the resolve of our town. We chose to highlight some of the areas most at risk, some of the people most at risk, and show the efforts made by business and volunteers to keep our vulnerable fed, while celebrating the opportunistic power of will found within the lyrics of the song, to show we will make it through this crisis.

Director/Writer: Kent Bernhard

Producers: Kent Bernhard Pistol Pete

Executive Producer: Pistol Pete

Creators: Kent Bernhard Pistol Pete

Director of Photography: Tony Ontiveros

Editor and Visual FX: Josh Reinhard @ OPUS FRAME Post-Productions

Music Producer: 1Bounce


Vocals - Pistol Pete | Guitar - Jamie Anderson | Additional Vocals - Mackenzie Umscheid 

Background Players

Tiffani Harrison, Antonia Urbina, Sara Portuguez, Dominque Damon Collen, Julia Choe, Colin Micheal Clark, Deshawn Deadra Colling,

Patrick Rivera, Christian Kimbrough, Christy Marsh, Michael George, Chris Bell, Avis Huckaby, Tequea Fisher

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