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"Let's Start Over"

Short Film | 2022, Bernhard Films

     Homeless on the streets, Jackson has a chance encounter with a former acquaintance, who was partially responsible for his current fate. Moments after the encounter a mysterious stranger shows up, pausing to read Jackson’s beat up, cardboard sign. Rather than offering him money, this mysterious man in Shades offers him something far more valuable, the chance to start over. Placing him at a point of limbo between what is so and what is possible. Jackson now has to traverse through a world he doesn’t fully understand to change his fate for the better, or risk repeating his life all over again.

Director/Writer: Kent Bernhard

Producers: Kent Bernhard, Aaron "Stylez" Johnson and Xander Nioclai

Creators: Aaron "Stylez" Johnson and Ian "Flow" Hallowell

Director of Photography: Tony Ontiveros

Editor and Visual FX: Josh Reinhard @ OPUS FRAME Post-Productions

Sound: Adrian Schiavi

Composer and Sound Designer: Richard “Prodigy” Johnney

Co-Producers: Aquarius Taylor and Tonya Bowman

Casting Director: Aquarius Taylor


First Assistant Director - Lorenzo T. Hughes | First Assistant Camera - Esai Saenz | Gaffer - Vic Dominguez | Key Grip - Nick Littlejohn and Ellis Wallace | Swing - Carter Wilch and Dylan Groves | Hair and Make-Up - Dream’s Events & Entertainment - Julain Mitchell and Jerrine “Dream” Evans | Special FX Make-Up - Cieaira Moore | Catering - Ian Hallowell


Jackson - Aaron “Stylez” Johnson | Topher - Mevin Gibson Jr. | Destiny - Tasia Alexandria | Riley - Nicole Hall | Shades - Lorenzo T. Hughes | Bartender - Dave Dean | Party Hostess - Tiger Connole | Bouncer - Damien Belgeri | Police Officers - Ben Husmann , Patrick Sellers and Brad Vincent

Background Players

I'munique Moody-McBride, Feddy Reggie, Aquarius Taylor, Tiffany Sanders, Jearon D. Tucker, 
Charles Herndon, Audrey Richardson, Lloyd Fontenot, Marvin I. Brantley, Daren Walker, Emaj Taylor
Michael “Lune” Styles, Alexa Dixson, Jasmine Oakman, Stephen Nelson, Janisha Smith, Nijel Butler
Elmer S. Smith, Sam Etayem, Sherita Howard, Isabella Brauner, Adrian Haliburton Jr., Whitman Stanfield-Myers,

Trynnel Templeton, Summer Love, Patricia Doe, Rahman Ree

Special Thanks to 

Verna Bernhard
Dave Dean
Matt Jones
Carisa “Cola” Lynch
and Everyone at The Phoenix
Travis Cal
Charity Blanchard


2023 | Short Film (Quarter Finalist)  - Portuguese Lemur International Film Fest

2023 | Sci-Fi Film (Quarter Finalist)  - Portuguese Lemur International Film Fest

2023 | US Experimental Short (Semi-Finalist)  - Santa Cruz Independent Film Fest

2023 | Best Fantasy - French International Modern Film and Script Fest

2023 | Narrative Short (Honorable Mention) - Milan Gold Awards

2023 | Best Fantasy - King Film Awards

2023 | Best Fantasy - New Wave International Script & Film Festival, Berlin

2023 | Best Indie Narrative Short - Sweet Democracy Film Awards, Cannes

2023 | Best Fantasy - Purple Sky International Film Festival, Hamburg

2023 | Best US Narrative Short - Austin International Art Festival

2023 | Best Fantasy Film - Munich New Wave Short Film Fest

2023 | Best Fantasy - Liber Films International Festival

2023 | Best Indie Narrative Short - 8 & Halfilm Awards, Rome

2023 | Short Film (Honorable Mention) - Snow Leopard International  Film Festival, Madrid

2023 | Best Short Film - Japan International Film Festival

2023 | Best Indie Short Film - Rome Movie Awards

2023 | Short Narrative (Semi-Finalist) - Dumbo Film Festival, New York


2023 | Short Film (Official Selection) - Golden Giraffe International Film Festival, Nice

2023 | Best Short Film - International Gold Awards,

New York

2023 | Best Short Film - TopShot International Film Festival

2023 | Narrative Short (Official Selection) - Kansas City Film Fest International

2023 | Best Indie Short Film - Frida Film Festival, Paris

2023 | Best Indie Narrative Short - Sweet Democracy Film Awards, Cannes

2023 | Best Editing - Hollywood on the Tiber Film Awards, Rome

2023 | Best Fantasy Short Film - New York Movie Awards

2023 | Short Film (Silver Award) - Florence Film Awards

2023 | Best Drama - London Movie Awards

2023 | Best Short Film - Hollywood Gold Awards

2023 | Fantasy (Official Selection) - Paris Film Awards

2022 | Best Indie Narrative Short - 8 & HalFilm Awards

2022 | Best Fantasy Short - Indie Short Fest,

Los Angeles

2022 | Best Original Screenplay - Indie Short Fest,

Los Angeles

2022 | Best Special Makeup - Indie Short Fest,

Los Angeles

Full Review Here

Fox International Film Festival
"Let’s Start Over by Kent Bernhard is a short but intricate story about regret, ambitions, and life decisions. The film gives a feeling of ordinary life moments that can change life’s perception rapidly, and it is great."


"A very well-produced film, touching, that makes us wonder what would happen if each of us had the chance to rewrite our future."

- OFFICIAL REVIEW from Florence Film Awards

Florence Film Awards_Silver.png

Official Reviews

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