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"Street RUNNERS"

Television Show | TBD, Bernhard Films

Episodes 1 & 2 | 2018

     You can't imagine living in a city run by a crime boss, having the cops and feds, the Mayor and city council all doing his bidding, making untold sums of money on a commodity heavily consumed and highly illegal.  The construction of buildings and roadways, brothels, gambling and liquor all controlled by one man. But it happened to Kansas City and we will show you what it's like to have it happen again.You'll see what it is to be trapped within this web, squeezed by cops who have no remorse when they run through you to get to your boss, and what it means to work with a criminal so ruthless that he'll terminate your contract and the first hint of betrayal... with blood.

Director/Writer: Kent Bernhard

Producers: Kent Bernhard, Omega Edwards and Xander Nicolai

Creators: Omega Edwards and Kent Bernhard

Executive Producers: Xander Nicolai and Kent Bernhard

Director of Photography: Tony Ontiveros

Editor and Visual FX: Josh Reinhard @ OPUS FRAME Post-Productions

Sound and Mixer: Nathan Towns

Music By: D. Baldwin, Phil Rogers, Marco B., The TrakKillers

Casting Director: Aquarius Taylor


Associate Producer - Bennett Cerf | Production Manager - Sarah Carpenter | Production and Costume Designer - Joscelyn Himes | Art Dept. Assistant - Ethan Himes | First Assistant Camera - Josh Reinhard | Colorist - Cassidy Greenwood | Gaffer - Vic Dominguez | Hair and Make-Up - Dream’s Events & Entertainment - Julain Mitchell, Tatyana Brown and Jerrine “Dream” Evans | Additional Make-Up - Melissa Bayton | Production Assistants - Max McBride, Felix Maull, Brock Masters, Cameron McGough, Alex Robinson, Kyle Wilson


Kent Jordon - Omega Edwards | Lexi Navvaro - Tiger Connole | Ray Epps - Christian Kimbrough | Tami Randall - Cydney Pope | Agent Montgomery - Christian Middleton | Markell Casey - Benzino | Kayla Rivers - Kiara Carson | Calvin Percy- Michael Derickson | Agent Thompson - John Tomerelli |  Assassin - JD Watson

Background Players

Trevon Wainwright, KeNeice Musgrove, DeWayne Harris, Miilie Milan, Damien Belgeri, Kevin Kelly,Tai Fu Panda, Demetrius McCulley

Malik Kirby, Chris Wright, John E. Johnson, Kevin Robe, Zach Thomas, DeAndre Kershaw, Ethan Himes, Max McBride, Jessica Oyer

Special Thanks to 

Tara Ruark

Everyone at Pickwick Plaza

Jonathan Cole

Everyone at Pendulum Studios

Marissa Cleaver Wamble

Everyone at Port KC

Dan Myers

Everyone at Lucky Boys Bar

Spencer Parsons

Tamra Pitts

Kevin Fewell

Everyone at Union Cemtery

Nike VanArsdale

Steph Scupham

Everyone at KC Film

Bennett Cerf

Aaron Garcia


2019 | Rick Cowan Award  - Kansas City International Film Fest

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